Monday, June 6, 2011

Poem: Asunder

Eyes are Windows by Sky Sloderbeck

Pain tears through, ripping apart joy
Selfishness and immaturity demand payment

That payment is the rending of two souls.
Ich habe Angst.

"I'll miss you so much" echoes over and over
It draws hot, salty tears and incapacitates
But a sociopath has no conscience to care.
Du hast Schadenfreude.

Days until my death are counted down
Fünf, vier, drei, zwei, eins
A piece of me is taken.
Ich bin nicht vollständig.

Remain strong, put on an actor's mask
Hope that the careless surgery
Does not scar him as it does me.
Bleib sicher, meiner süßer.

The surgeon does not care who he hurts
As long as he gets to wield the knife
And revel in his self-centered desires.
Die Klinge ist scharf.


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