Friday, February 17, 2012

You Always Remember Your First Time

Bookish in Color by Sky Sloderbeck
Naughty heads!

You always remember your first time... presenting a piece of your fiction publicly, that is!

From the letter I just received:

"Dear Sky...
Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your fiction submission ["This Night"] has been accepted for presentation at the First Annual Oxford Writing Festival."

From the Festival web site:
The Oxford Writing Festival is an opportunity for Miami students, faculty, and members of the Oxford community to create, share, and celebrate writing. This year’s Festival will take place March 26th-29th in the Shriver Center and will include workshops, guest speakers, and selected submissions from the Miami-Oxford Community.

I don't have the specific date and time of my reading yet, as I've just submitted my availability to the organizers, but I will be sure to shout it to the rooftops once I know.

I'm bouncing-like-a-puppy-on-caffeine-excited about this... AND about to hork all over my keyboard from nerves.

The selected entry is actually available on this site, for the curious: "This Night" - a flash fiction piece inspired by the Black Lab song of the same name.


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